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Horse Show
at the 171st Owen Sound Fall Fair
• Barrel Racing
• Pole Bending
• Keyhole 
• Dash for Cash




Online Entries for the Horse Show will be open soon.  

The link for exhibitors is:


Registration Fees to be paid on the morning of the show at the registration desk near the track.

Membership Fee $10


There are 4 events in the show: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole and Dash for Cash. The Classes will be divided by Age groups Age Groups/ Class Registration As of Jan 1 2023– Open : $5/class - Junior (16 and under) $5/class - Lead Line (cut off is 12): Free. Lead Line available for Barrels and Dash for Cash only.

Additionally there will be a JACKPOT DASH FOR CASH. Winner take all $1000 Cash prize for the fastest time. $10 to enter the Jackpot.

Admission to the fair is free for competitors, you will also be arriving before the fair opens.

- Participants under the age of 18 must wear an SEI approved Helmet.
- Full Western dress required (cowboy hat, boots, collared button down long sleeved shirt)
- Proof of insurance necessary (OEF)
- Zero Tolerance for those who disobey the rules, they will be disqualified with no refund of registration. (Specifically riding where you are not supposed to and warming up in undesignated areas)
- Participants must walk their horse into the ring and out of the ring.
- You must have full care and control of your animal at all times.
- Do not congregate around the entrance gate, this area is for staging the following class only.
- No bit less bridles, no hackmores, and no use of bossals will be tolerated.
- Shank bits required with a double chain or leather strap.
- Legal bits only
- Tie downs accepted
- No over usage of spurring, to committee discretion.
- No over/under or “Whooping”
- Rider’s Equipment must be in suitable and good working condition.
-Participants MUST REGISTER pre register before Wednesday Sept 6th at noon. Registration fee will only be refunded if provided a vet note
- Less than 5 entries in the class will result in the class being cut from the schedule.
- Horse Riders and owners are to Clean up after themselves, and your horse
- Barrel Down = no time in the dash

Prize money for Classes

1st - $30 2nd - $25, 3rd - $20

Note there will not be prizes paid out to Lead line classes.

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